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Blond is in shock. Bermuda Passion is really a point-and-click adventure game. Sonny Blond has been opted for to play the primary character. It incorporated all of the stereotypes about spoiled girls from rich families. A 17-year-old dude worries about only her very own looks.

This adventure can be referred to as So Blonde. In the story, 1 day mom and dad opt to embark on a cruise to celebrate their loved-one's birthday. They took their daughter using them. While cruising the Caribbean Sea, lightning strikes the ship. This causes the protagonist girl to fall overboard. The waves tossed her onto the shore of an exotic island. Since it works out, the development of civilization here is 200 years behind. Much to the young lady's surprise, you can find no boutiques, stores or beauty salons. Alternatively, the glamour lover discovered pirates.

Humorous story has a few endings. The narrative shows the way the heroine gradually transforms from the moody socialite to a fearless adventurer. Sonny will encounter corsairs, shamans, a water cult, along with other NPCs. Additionally, she will solve the mystery of the island it self, and look for ways to move away from it. She will have 45 locations to explore and lots of puzzles to resolve. The puzzles in this game are intentionally made illogically to create funny situations. Puzzles alternate with mini-games. They provide drum banging, arm wrestling contests, collecting raindrops, and things such as that. There are always a couple more playable characters in this quest. They're given get a grip on at moments whenever a young woman is trapped and must be rescued.

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OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: 64 MB
Version: Full Last Release
Publisher: Wizarbox
Release: 2008
Category: Adventures


Blondie in shock. Bermuda Passion screenshotBlondie in shock. Bermuda Passion screenshotBlondie in shock. Bermuda Passion screenshot

Download Blondie in shock. Bermuda Passions PC game for free

Version: Full Last Release

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