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Darkstar One is really a space simulator where you play as Kyron Jarvis. He could be the son of the late Simon Jarvis, designer of the starship Darkstar One. The plot begins whenever a friend of Kairon's named Robert, puts his father's ship at the hero's disposal. In doing this, that he tells the true reason behind his father's death. A particular Jack Forrester betrayed his daddy and sabotaged the corbal.

Gameplay offers you the chance to move essential goods and cargo between planets, study trade reports, and explore other space stations to create the very best and shortest routes. But no body forbids to just take yet another way and be a genuine smuggler. Search for valuable cargo and take part in piracy. Trade on the black market and escort convoys. The over all game gives unlimited possibilities. Explore the vast open spaces and create your personal destiny.

Trying to sell the products, you may get busy pumping up your shuttle. The set of upgrades and temporal bonuses is huge: boosters, energy shields, homing missiles, fuel tanks, satnav systems and several other details. You won't have the ability to create an uber vehicle, due to the "advancement" parameter - the limit on improvements and dodgers. This parameter increases with level.

The story campaign includes a few dozen major quests. Additionally, a wide array of secondary missions can be found. During the period of the playthrough, you'll meet a number of characters, including Eona the plucky dugout, Ramirez the mad pirate, in addition to Physician Zarkov, Nikolai, Jo'son, among others.

Features gameplay:

  • 50 Main Campaign Missions;
  • 200 Weapon Types;
  • Numerous improvements and modifications;
  • Different races and the capability to explore space;
  • Earn credits in various ways: trading, piracy, smuggling, battles, and so on;
  • RPG mechanics and the capacity to enchant items.

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 1 Gb
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible.0
Release: 2008
Category: Action, RPG, Simulators
Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment ltd.
Version: v 1.3


Darkstar One screenshotDarkstar One screenshotDarkstar One screenshot

Download Darkstar One PC game for free

Version: v 1.3

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