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FARHOME is a game project, that was created in a classic shooter genre, where all the action will happen in first person. The events of this game take you, in the form of the protagonist, into the future, namely in the year 2300. It is in this year, according to history, the Earth will be covered in a gloomy shroud, as the atmosphere has already brought itself to a deplorable state. Moreover, the population of mankind is already used to the limits of reasonableness, and now the world is not extinct warfare, as well as lawlessness reigns everywhere.

Earthlings have decided to immediately search for another place to live, which will not be easy to do. You will join one of the professional commands, where you will become part of a galactic exploration unit. You are given a lot of opportunities, one of which is the independent choice of the character, and then its further definition to one of four unique classes. You go on a distant and dangerous adventure, where the main goal is to explore five planets. Each planet is filled with dangers and difficulties and each one has its own unfriendly life-form. With many of the inhabitants you will even have to fight, because they do not want to see outsiders on their planet. On this page you can always download FARHOME for free on pc via torrent or direct link.

Processor: Intel Core i5-4590
Videocard: GTX 970
Memory: 8 GB
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Storage: 3 GB
Release: 2018
Category: VR
Version: (Newest)


FARHOME screenshot
FARHOME screenshot
FARHOME screenshot

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Version: (Newest)

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