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Space Quest Collection, an accumulation of classic point-and-click games that tell the story of a janitor named Roger Wilco. That he works as a normal worker on the area Shuttle Arcade. He's got experienced cryosleep. Roger wakes up 1 day to learn that all of the station staff have already been murdered by space pirates. Now that he must single-handedly avoid the coming of Sarien. Villains must utilize the Arcades Star Generator to destroy the house planet Zeno. Don't let them to handle this course of action!

Golden Mop Award-winning protagonist. The hero, regrettably, didn't have time and energy to grow to the rank of Master Janitor, as that he was kidnapped by the game's villain Sludge Vohal. That he must escape his fate and escape from the dreaded Labion Beast. After Roger gets using this dangerous situation, that he finds himself on a planet called Flibhat. Here he's got to fight with Arnoid the Destroyer. The protagonist must face off in a duel with the first choice of the Pirates of Pestulon, who has kidnapped two essential folks from the earth Andromeda. The Master Janitor may be the person who can free the boys from their imprisonment.

Roger may also travel through time for you to save yourself Roger Jr. and rejoin the fight for Zeno. The busy life of a rank-and-file employee brings him against the evil Captain Kirk, who longs to dominate the galaxy. In the most recent bout of this action-packed saga, you as well as your hero will rescue Orderly Santiago and board the shuttle Spinal Frontier. Each one of these incredible Adventures await in the room Quest Collection Edition.

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium III with 800 MHz clock speed
Memory: 128 Mb
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible.0
Publisher: Sierra
Version: v 2.2/2.0f/1.018/1.0/1.04/1.0 (20240) (New Version)
Category: Adventures, Survival
Release: 2009


Space Quest Collection screenshotSpace Quest Collection screenshotSpace Quest Collection screenshot

Download Space Quest Collection PC game for free

Version: v 2.2/2.0f/1.018/1.0/1.04/1.0 (20240) (New Version)

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