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The Neverhood is a game with graphics based on the style of plasticine, where you get into a rather strange world with lots of puzzles, mysteries and interesting events. Go to a world where every detail is made of plasticine. Project performed in the style of adventure, where you go to a distant and dangerous journey by playing the role of the main character. In the course of the action you will explore the surrounding space, in order to get useful items and all the necessary resources.

On your way you will meet various tasks, logical problems and missions in which you need to show the maximum of ingenuity. Some mysteries and mysterious creatures will go beyond the mind, which will make your time even more interesting. We would like to mention not only the graphics, but also the fantastic music. The mass of unpredictable puzzles will always meet you on your way. This project is sure to appeal to all fans of the genre. Go to the solving of mysteries, walk along the storyline and solve all the puzzles on the way. On this page you can always download The Neverhood for free on pc via torrent or direct link.


Memory: 8 MB
OS: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium 75mhz
Storage: 2 GB
Videocard: 1 MB
Release: 1996
Version: Last Full Release
Category: Quest


The Neverhood screenshot The Neverhood screenshot The Neverhood screenshot

Download The Neverhood PC game for free

Version: Last Full Release

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To get Neverhood working you need:

1) Compatibility with Windows 95:
Properties file nhc.exe // Compatibility tab // Select compatibility with Windows 95

2) 256 colors:
Properties of the file nhc.exe // Compatibility tab // Enable 256 colors

3) Buggy color corrections:
If you have a bloody rainbow in your game, you can fix it with the special file: Color_fix_32bit.reg or Color_fix_64bit.reg
Run reg file and add the information to the registry (choose reg file carefully, according to the bit mode of your system)

4) Make game portable (will make it stop asking for disk):
Run the reg file and add the information to the registry (choose the reg file carefully based on the bit mode of your system). File names: Portability 32bit.reg and Portability 64bit.reg - the game no longer requires a disk!!!

5) Run the file nhc.exe and play!!!

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The Neverhood gameplay video: