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Uplink is really a hacker simulator that depends on realism, but at exactly the same time employs a wide array of fantastic elements. Unusual units of information, such as for example gigaquads along with other. The plot revolves around conspiracies and world government.

Otherwise, you should do hacker stuff, including picking passwords, tracing packets, deleting logs, infiltrating networks, using security features and destroying sensitive and painful information. Uplink Corporation offers you a number of different tasks: steal essential files, change existing records, locate people, charge them, plus much more.

The story is approximately a hacker who joins Uplink. By completing various tasks, you earn experience points and money. As you progress, you will need to upgrade your Gate way iron to defend myself against more difficult orders. You'll face the Andromeda Research Corporation, which really wants to develop a virus Revelation. This artificial intelligence is with the capacity of destroying the world's network.

Through the story campaign it is possible to complete 5 quests for the Arunmor Corporation: Tracer, TakeMeToYourLeader and ARCInfiltration, Backfire and CounterAttack, in addition to doing work for the opposing ARC: Maiden, Flight, Darwin, SaveItForTheJury, ShinyHammer b GrandTour. In addition, there are many non-story missions to be completed.

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium II 266
Memory: 64 Mb
Graphics: 128 Mb
Category: Indie, Strategy, Simulators
Release: 2006
Publisher: Introversion Software
Version: v 1.0


Uplink screenshotUplink screenshotUplink screenshot

Download Uplink PC game for free

Version: v 1.0

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